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founder's story

The Laekas', having a wealth of experience in the architecture and  construction worlds, saw a need to found a company promoting innovative building materials to the design community. With encouragement from mentors and Kelley’s father, they stepped out of comfortable careers and started AML Limited in 2011. Being able to work together in creating something new is part of the joy in building a company. They have made a conscious decision to work with family-owned businesses from around the world.  That strategy has proved to be a successful choice for close relationships with partners, manufacturers and collaborators.

While the business grows and changes, they follow their hearts in defining the AML brand. Adrian and Kelley share a love for new and distinctive materials. While Adrian is known for his vision in creating innovative solutions for clients, Kelley is action-oriented and committed to making every vision a reality. For AML it’s impossible not to get passionate about beautiful products.

Adrian & Kelley

Adrian: “Some of our proudest moments are when we solve client issues by bringing innovation to the forefront and surpassing our client’s expectations. Having a workable response to the need is like magic.”

Kelley: “It’s incredibly gratifying when people see what we have and want to find a project in which to use one of our materials. To help someone, no matter what their budget, is also very satisfying,” 


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Adrian & Kelley Laekas

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